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Currently, we are focusing on the design of domain-specific SoC for various applications such as intelligent computing devices, biomedical systems, and communication systems. In detail, computer architecture, SoC design, signal processing algorithm with optimized VLSI implementation are our main research topics.

Latest News

[2021.12] Hana received Gold Prize at IEEE Seoul Section Student Paper Contest!

[2021.10] We have one research intern joining our group this autumn. Welcome aboard Jaeyun!

[2021.03] DSAL’s paper entitled “A 2144.2-bits/min/mW 5-Heterogeneous PE-based Domain-Specific Reconfigurable Array Processor for 8-Ch Wearable Brain-Computer Interface SoC” has been accepted for Symposium on VLSI Circuits (VLSIC 2021).

[2021.03] We have three graduate students and one research intern joining our group this spring. Welcome aboard Jihye / Whijin / Sohyeon / Halim!

[2021.01] DSAL’s paper entitled “ML-Based Humidity and Temperature Calibration System for Heterogeneous MOx Sensor Array in ppm-Level BTEX Monitoring” has been accepted for IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2021)

[2021.01] DSAL’s paper entitled “Secure RISC-V SoC for Neural Processing System,” has received the SSCS Seoul Chapter Award at Korean Conference on Semiconductor(한국반도체학술대회)

Apply for DSAL

We are actively looking for self-motivated students who are interested in AI processor, CPU microarchitecture, SoCs, and embedded system designs.
Please contact Prof. Ji-Hoon Kim.