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Currently, we are focusing on the design of domain-specific SoC for various applications such as intelligent computing devices, biomedical systems, and communication systems. In detail, computer architecture, SoC design, signal processing algorithm with optimized VLSI implementation are our main research topics.

Latest News

[2023.11] Jihye’s paper entitled “A Programmable Crypto-Processor for NIST PQC Standardization Based on┬áRISC-V Architecture” has been accepted for publication in Sensors.

[2023.11] Sunyoung’s paper entitled “PA-2SBF: Pattern-Adaptive Two-Stage Bloom Filter for Run-time Memory Diagnostic Data Compression in Automotive SoCs” has been accepted as a regular paper in DATE 2024.

[2023.10] Hana’s paper entitled “Complexity-Aware Layer-Wise Mixed-Precision Schemes with SQNR-Based Fast Analysis” has been accepted for publication in IEEE Access.

[2023.10] Prof. Kim joined the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems-II: Express Briefs (IEEE TCAS-II) Editorial Board as an Associate Editor.

[2023.08] Hyunji’s paper entitled “A DRAM Bandwidth-Scalable Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication Accelerator with 89% Bandwidth Utilization Efficiency for Large Sparse Matrix” has been accepted for presentation in IEEE A-SSCC.

[2023.06] Prof. Kim received IEEE/IEIE Joint Award for IT Young Scientist and Engineer. The award committee cited Prof. Kim’s contributions to VLSI signal processing and domain-specific processors.

[2023.03] We have two new members joining our group this spring.
Welcome aboard Jiyoung and Heejin!

[2023.01] Whijin’s paper entitled “Multi-Mode SpMV Accelerator for Transprecision PageRank with Real-World Graphs” has been accepted for publication in IEEE Access.

Apply for DSAL

We are actively looking for self-motivated students who are interested in AI processor, CPU microarchitecture, SoCs, and embedded system designs.
Please contact Prof. Ji-Hoon Kim.